Does Amazon Owe You Money?

Whether you are 1P Vendor seller or a 3P FBA Marketplace Seller, you’re likely owed money from Amazon.

If you are a 3rd Party Seller on the Amazon marketplace – go to Sell Global Investigators to find out how lost shipments and damaged products in the Amazon warehouse will, in 99% of cases, mean you’ll be owed money. You can sign up for a free audit to discover your potential fee recovery.

If You Sell As a Vendor, You’re Most Likely Paying Too Much in “Non-Compliance” Fees to Amazon

A big frustration with our clients and other vendors we talk to is the constant stream of fees and the administration associated with trying to figure out Amazon billing and payments.

This is eroding margins and wasting a lot of vendor time, trying to provide proof to dispute.

These non compliance fees are fees over and above what you agreed to pay. They are primarily made up of shortages and chargebacks.

How You Can Get Control of Your Amazon Fees

and Potentially Recover Shortages Overcharged

It’s an easy first step.

It starts with getting visibility into your fee situation with a no-obligation, no-cost Amazon Vendor Fee Evaluation & Recovery Audit.

With this audit, you’ll get;

  • A 5 year look back on shortages and the potential recovery value.
  • Get clarity on what Chargebacks you are incurring, but are not being charged for just yet and what you’ll need to mitigate.
  • Your current non-compliance fee percentage.
  • A plan for how to manage your vendor fees and how much time you can save.

The key objectives of the audit

  • Get money back from Amazon
  • Get control of your Amazon Vendor fees
  • Save Time
  • Save Hassle
  • Improve Profitability

“If we knew this when we agreed terms, we would have played things very differently.”

To find out more about how you can finally get control of your Amazon Vendor fees:

How to Get Control of Your Amazon Vendor Fees

Increase your channel profitability by quickly getting control of your Amazon vendor fees. This guide is a must read and will show you how you can even get money back from Amazon that you didn’t even realise they owed you.