Management for Amazon Ads

For Brands to Succeed on Amazon, Expert Execution of Amazon Ads is Vital

Management for Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads changes so quickly and requires specific expertise to manage successfully. With the effective use of sophisticated AI technology and our smart Advertising Directors who bring their extensive knowledge and experience of winning strategies, we will help you grow your Amazon sales.

Depending on your category, time on the platform, seasonality of products, objectives and budget, we tailor a strategy to reach your goals.

Then we execute the strategy, test, cut the losing campaigns, double down on the winners and report with clear dashboards.

As sellers and a full service agency, we also take into account the holistic approach from on page conversion rate improvement, to understanding inventory levels and when to push and when to pull back.

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Find Out How You Can Use Amazon Ads to Grow Your
Brands Sales On and Off Amazon.

Sell Global’s unique Amazon Ads performance review helps sellers really understand the FACTS of their Amazon Ads. With this information you can FIX the waste and missed targeting to then FOCUS your investment in the most efficient and effective way to grow your sales.

We help you streamline the complexity of Amazon Ads, through clarity of reporting where we can cut through the noise faster.

Your Amazon Ads Spotlight review includes;

A two year look back on transactions to calculate

  • Your repeat customer rate
  • Life Time Value
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) for Sponsored Ads
  • Organic v Paid % over the two years

Closer Analysis of last 60 days to determine

  • Your wasted ad spend
  • Missed targeting opportunities, including converting terms not migrating to exact
  • Balance of Targeting type to determine how much control you over your account

A tailored Amazon Ads strategy based on your situation and objectives on what to fix and where to focus.

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Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)

DSP suits brands who are established on Amazon and have a good history of sales to build effective audiences. It’s also ideal where you are starting to get diminishing returns from sponsored advertising. DSP suits brands who are ready to go to the next level and prepared to invest in the right way, scaling as results are evident.

DSP opens up more than keyword or product targeting. You can target audiences at all stages of the funnel.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

AMC is the next level of attribution for brands utilising DSP.
AMC utilises AWS and your private data cleaning room to create
Here’s what you get from AMC:

  • Customer journey analysis – First click and last click attribution.
  • Audience insights – who are my most engaged audiences?
  • Media Mix analysis – what will be the most impactful in reaching my goals?
  • Omnichannel impact analysis – what is the interaction with your website?
  • How are my upper funnel advertising tactics driving brand loyalty and repeat purchase?
  • How do my Amazon Ad campaigns impact my conversions outside of Amazon?

Through regular reporting adjustments can be made to change and optimise on Amazon and the brands media mix.

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Even if you don’t sell physical products