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14 months since we launched on Amazon.com and we are up 17913% on sales from this time last year! We initially envisioned Amazon to be our cream whilst our traditional distributors (primarily in Europe) would be our bread and butter, however we can see within the next year this completely changing and Amazon providing us with the bread and butter and some. We are already gearing up for listing in further countries like Australia in the early new year and also looking into Singapore.

Three Peaks Manuka Honey

It's been a fabulous start for us, Sell Global have been hugely helpful to us in navigating our way through the complex beast that is Amazon. For us, already having listing live on Amazon, I've picked up lots of deeper level tips and tricks to revise our listings, continue to implement different things we can do. They've been totally instrumental in helping us get started.

Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter

It's been a really close, hands-on relationship with Sell Global. They care a lot about our product, and about launching our brand and our brand story into the US, particularly for the Amazon platform. Sell Global have helped us step by step get our products Amazon-ready, and there's been a lot of consultation, a lot of creative thinking, and the team have a lot of technical know-how about how the Amazon platform works.

Ocean Shell

We've been doing the Amazon Accelerator Programme and thinking about what products we can start selling on Amazon. It's given me a kick and got me excited to start to progress with getting our account setup. Sell Global have a bunch of different ideas on marketing and there is a lot of information to absorb, but it's been really good.

Living Light

When I started with Sell Global, I didn't know anything about Amazon, so it's been a real eye-opener, and I've really learned a lot. Amazon has opened my business up to something that I hope will bring more profit, and I'm finding working with Sell Global really good - Hamish is great to work with. We need another platform other than just online shopping and Amazon is going to grow our revenue considerably, and keep 15 people employed in my little community.

Seki Surf

Sell Global has helped open me up to the potential that we have as a global brand, starting with the USA which is very important market for my business. They've made hurdles and things seem a lot easier for me and always been available to contact and help with any questions and issues I'm having and our sales are growing daily, literally.

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