How To Get Control of Your Amazon AU Vendor Fees
Discover Your True Costs on Amazon and How You Can Mitigate and Recover Substantial Erroneous Fees

In this unique guide, especially for Amazon AU vendors on 1P, you’ll get information that no one else is sharing with you.

You’ll discover;

  • The easiest way to increase your profitability as a vendor is by getting control of shortages and chargebacks.
  • How to better position yourself for Amazon Vendor Negotiations (AVN).
  • Why Amazon doesn’t have your best interests at their forefront & how they’ve built up a hidden profit center at your expense.
  • What the Chargeback grace period ending will mean for your vendor account profitability if you don’t pay attention.
  • How Shortage fees come about and the most common non-compliance fees.
  • 14 of the most common chargebacks you’ll experience.
  • Dispute window time frames for Chargebacks (short) and shortages (long).
  • How you can get visibility on shortages and chargebacks you could claim back from Amazon. The amount of money vendors are recovering will surprise you.

…and more answers to the most common questions about recovering erroneous fees from Amazon.

Get control of the Amazon channel, grow your profits, and reduce the hassle.

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