Advanced in Amazon Advertising

If you sell on Amazon and use the Advertising service, you’ll know it’s constantly changing and evolving.

The challenge is unless you are on the platform everyday and across multiple accounts, it’s hard to have the right perspective to know what is working, what is new and where you should put your focus.

With increasing costs and competition, it’s more important than ever to optimise your advertising spend to avoid wastage and double down on what is working.

In this live training Seb Hargreaves and Justin Cataldo, Advertising Directors at Sell Global who manage Amazon Advertising for over 30 clients in multiple countries and many hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend each month, will be sharing what you can do now to make more sales on Amazon via Amazon Advertising.

How Brands Can Quickly & Easily Up an Omnichannel Strategy in Australia

As export markets further afield become more expensive to reach with soaring shipping costs, it pays to look at what is on your doorstep. Australian online sales have doubled over the past 2 years and the growth is continuing.

The challenge is just having your own website and socials is not enough to get a foothold in the market. The key is to be where the shoppers are buying.

Hear from Catch Marketplace & Codisto Integration Software on how they are effectively helping brands reach Australian online shoppers.

Building Your Brand For An Exit – Adrian Johnston from UNA Brands

With eCommerce sales soaring across the world on brand websites and marketplaces, brands are cashing in on their increased value.

Whether you are thinking about selling your brand now, or someday down the road, you’ll find this live webinar inspiring.

This session will open your eyes to the possibilities and bring you clarity on what the next steps are for you.

How To Leverage The Power Of Online Marketplaces In A Covid World Without Travel

Do you want to know how to leverage the power of online marketplaces?

Hamish Conway is interviewed by the renowned NZ Tech Entrepreneur Robett Hollis, as part of the BNZ Connect Series.

Robett is a multi-exit tech entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author, as well as being crowned as LinkedIn’s top three most influential New Zealanders.

They cover the rise of online marketplaces and how to tap into hundreds of millions of online shoppers.