eMarketplace Set Up & Launch

Talk to Us Before You Invest Your First Dollar Into Your eMarketplace Journey!

Optimise Your Without Time in the Game, the Biggest Risk in Building Your New eMarketplace Channel Lies in ‘You Don’t Know, what You Don’t Know’.

eMarketplaces are a massive opportunity when played right, or a great way to burn cash if you get it wrong.
That’s why before you begin investing time and money into a new channel, you need to work with our Sell Global consultants to get it right! They have traveled this path many times before with thousands of product SKU’s for over 160 companies.

Intuition Comes From Experience

Success on eMarketplaces is both a Science and an Art and the ‘art’ comes from experience and that is one thing Sell Global has an abundance of!
Our consultant team has invested thousands of hours in online platforms, encountering and resolving all imaginable issues that could possibly arise as well as identifying and implementing growth strategies that have created greater sales, margins and rankings for our clients.
This deep work ethic and intuition creates a “sixth sense” as to what your product or brand could expect online. It’s this intuition, experience and knowledge that you get to tap into during your eMarketplace Opportunity Assessment.
The Opportunity Assessment principle is that in a short period of time, you will get the key information that will help you gain full clarity of the opportunities and risks you will face on your eMarketplace journey.

Here’s Your eMarketplace Opportunity Assessment Outcomes

  • You’ll be clear on how eMarketplaces works as a seller, from how you position yourself to win online, the money flow and fulfillment
  • You’ll understand in detail, the competitive landscape and demand on eMarketplaces for your category in one key market and like for like competition. You’ll get detail on your top 5 competitors, from their price points, to estimated sales, review issues, quality of their marketing. All of this will show you how you can compete….or not
  • You will learn the fees for doing business on the platform and your expected margins. This involves price point decisions for the marketplace
  • You will understand any compliance risks you will need to manage, from trademarks, packaging for Amazon FBA to importation requirements such as FDA
  • Any of your burning questions about eMarketplaces will be answered
  • If you choose to go forward, you’ll learn what will be required to get you Live online and selling, then how to manage the channel on a day to day basis
  • You’ll get confidence and certainty that you are making the right decision, either way, to proceed with eMarketplaces or not

Here’s How It Works

1. Information Gathering

You’ll receive a questionnaire and product information sheet. You’ll complete this and send it through to review prior to our first meeting.

2. Training Resources

You’ll receive training resources in video and pdf format. Depending on your current understanding of eMarketplaces, this will allow you to get clear answers to many of your questions. This means prior to our first discovery meeting you’ll be up to speed, so we can focus in on your products and brand rather than the marketplace in general.

3. Discovery Meeting

In the initial 90 minute discovery meeting, we will drill into the information you’ve sent us, plus we will look at eMarketplaces together to ensure we are on the same page in terms of like for like competition that we can benchmark you against. We will understand your readiness from a compliance point of view for your category. We will learn more about your objectives for being on Amazon and how your product and brand are different from the competition.

4. Competitor Research

We will map your top 5 competition in detail and show the product category size. We will also point to how we think you can win.

There’s 4 Key Areas We Assess Your Brand And Products

Category & Competition

The Money

Your Point of Difference

Compliance Readiness

5. Product Profitability

We will establish the fees for your products based on dimensional weight and category, then with you we will discuss price points and expected freight to calculate margins in percentage terms, but also importantly in actual GP. The USA currency is excellent for exporting and your cash GP number may surprise you.

6. Report Creation

Based on our discussions you’ll receive a report in advance of our feedback meeting. This report will be a combination of the data we’ve researched and written documents.

7. Report and Unlocking the Opportunity

We will meet again for 90 minutes to run through the report where you can ask any questions to clarify our findings and recommendations for how you can unlock the opportunity.

Sell Global Helps Brand Scale Their Online Sales By Rapidly Launching & Optimising on Amazon & eMarketplaces Globally.


When you have agreed to the T&C’s and made payment via credit card or bank deposit we can proceed with the project. We will allocate you the best consultant with experience in your category and who we think will be the best fit for you.

The project will take 4 – 6 weeks from start to finish.

Get a Guide Who Has Been Before You – Before You head into the eMarketplace Jungle, get advice from those who have been there before you. Save time and money and get guidance on navigating your way through what is a complex marketplace with many hidden traps.

As we said – It’s often ‘what you don’t know, you don’t know’ that gets us into trouble in business. Make the unknown, known and get confidence and clarity you are making a sound business decision.