eMarketplace Set Up & Launch

Phase One

Account Set Up - Get Your Seller Account Set Up Correctly The First Time

Opening your Seller Account right the first time is crucial to avoiding issues either immediately or down the track. Marketplaces like Amazon appear easy at first glance, but this step is often fraught with painful compliance.

Phase Two

Listings - Create a World Class Brand Presence Optimised for Sales

Aside from a quality product, World-class listings are essential for success on eMarketplaces. That’s why we will do this for you, to get you quality listings right from the start.

Phase Three

Logistics - Get your Goods Correctly & Cost Effectively Shipped to Distribution Centres

Your management of inventory is where there is a large scope for mismanagement and expensive mistakes. We will help you ensure the mistakes are avoided and the flow of inventory to distributors is smooth.

Phase Four

Launch Preparation - Get the Foundations in Place for a Strong Launch

While your attention is on getting your product physically in stock and your listings live, you‘ll also start to look ahead to having a successful launch.

By the end of this project you will have navigated all the steps to having your products live on the biggest ecommerce marketplaces in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the questions you’ll get authoritative answers to:

Overall you’ll get, Clarity on why eMarketplaces, what is involved and what is possible for your brand and products.

Confidence that you have good data to make sensible decisions about the channel and you know what will be involved to make it work.

Your own shop open, optimised and ready to start selling.

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