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Given the current circumstances, this is more important than ever for New Zealand brands, and the response has been felt by local businesses. Large increases in online sales have been seen by many throughout this strange year we have had.

Recently I’ve spoken with a couple of New Zealand businesses who have discussed the New Zealand brand and how it is perceived in international markets.

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Why Amazon Why Now

Amazon is a huge opportunity for your business, find out why now is the time to take action on it in this video.

Why Sell Global

We focus on working with existing product and brand owners and helping you make the right decisions about how to get set up and selling successfully on Amazon.

The Sell Global approach is to set you up to build your own Amazon Asset – your own seller account that you control. You’ll literally increase the value of your business by being on the Amazon channel.

Fieldays 2019

The agri category on Amazon is a massive opportunity for our extraordinarily innovative businesses here in New Zealand.

Do you have a product you think might fit the bill? Get in touch and see how Sell Global can help you today.

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Are You Ready for Selling Your Products on Amazon USA?

People often ask me, “Should I start in America?” or “Am I ready for selling my products in America?” and the answer is…. it depends.

You really need to do the research in a few key areas, watch now to find out where to focus your attention.

Amazon FBA and FBM, what does it mean?

When it comes to Amazon, there’s a term called FBA, and people go, “Well, what is FBA?” FBA is Fulfilled By Amazon, and this is where as a seller you send your products into Amazon’s warehouses and then when a sale is made, Amazon will pick it, pack it, and ship it to the end consumer. It’s an amazing thing that can really help you simplify your logistics and whole supply chain.

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Amazon Australia or USA? Which Comes First?

A lot of people have been asking, “do I start Amazon Australia first and then go to the U.S., or do I go to the U.S. and then to Australia?”

Watch now to find out.

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