How to get great feedback on Amazon

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Provide amazing products and services.

Remember that the main purpose of Amazon feedback is to indicate the buyer’s satisfaction. Therefore, satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) will naturally serve as the primary driver behind a customer’s willingness to leave feedback. Ensuring an absolutely flawless experience is a necessary first step for earning feedback .

Ship On time

Amazon shoppers have grown accustomed to free, two-day shipping. And, although late shipments are a major cause of negative feedback, early arrivals can delight buyers and result in favorable ratings. Expediting internal order processing and upgrading customer shipment methods can be an effective way to elevate your feedback

Make returns easy

Amazon has taken major steps to automate returns and refunds, which has had a net positive effect on the buyer-seller relationship. Amazon also encourages sellers to “rigorously” review their return policies along with providing full product refunds for a standard 30-day period

Avoid inventory mix ups

Running out of stock is a sure-fire way to increase your feedback – negative feedback, that is. No one wants negative feedback, which is why proactive inventory management is such a necessary building block of a healthy feedback score. 

Create accurate and helpful listings

Buyers don’t care about how Amazon detail pages come into existence; they just want a quality product at a fair price. So, when a product fails to meet or exceed expectations, the seller often takes the blame. Don’t over promise or mislead. Be honest and transparent

Politely ask customers for feedback

Amazon encourages sellers to “send the buyer no more than one polite request for feedback after the shipment has been received.” Sellers can request feedback manually by clicking the “Contact Buyer” link under “Manage Orders” in Seller Central. 

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