What is Amazon Feedback?

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What is Amazon feedback?

Amazon feedback is a public rating of your performance as a seller. Based on a five-star scale, feedback on Amazon indicates how reliable you are when it comes to packaging, shipping, responsiveness and professionalism. Buyers have a 90-day window to submit one feedback per order made on Amazon. A seller’s feedback rating is an aggregated average of prior feedbacks received from buyers.

Feedback and reviews are not the same thing, although you may hear experts and coaches use the terms interchangeably. In reality, feedback is seller-focused; whereas, Amazon reviews are product-focused. In fact, Amazon removes feedbacks that are exclusively about the product rather than being about the seller.

Why does Amazon feedback matter?

  • Feedback influences the buy box! Seller feedback is a key component of your Order Defect Rate, a metric that Amazon weights heavily in its Buy Box algorithm
  • Buyers can view you feedback rating. Amazon tracks all of the feedback you earn as a seller and aggregates it into an overall feedback score.
  • Amazon penalizes bad sellers! Sellers can be suppressed or banned completely if your feedback rating slips below certain performance targets.
  • Feedback is a digital asset and Amazon feedback is arguably your most vital business asset
  • Feedback is a competitive advantage

Positive versus negative feedback

5-star and 4-star ratings are considered “positive” feedback on Amazon. 1-star and 2-star ratings are “negative” feedback on Amazon. 3-star ratings, commonly referred to as “neutral” feedback, can have a net negative impact on your seller reputation.

Dividing positive feedback by total feedback earned during a certain period of time tells you your Amazon feedback score. For example, if you earn 1,000 feedbacks and 900 are positive, your feedback score equals 90%. Amazon tracks your 30-day, 90-day, 365-day and lifetime feedback scores and publishes them on your seller storefront page. Your seller storefront page also provides a breakdown of your orders that resulted in neutral or negative feedback.  Your seller storefront page is publicly visible by anyone – including buyers.

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