Get Clarity and Confidence You Are Approaching Amazon Australia in the Right Way.

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Whether you are an established products and brand owner who has never sold on Amazon, or a seasoned Amazon Pro, here’s the best way for you to approach Amazon Australia.

Amazon Australia is in its infancy, but still did $129 million AUD in its first full 12 months. 

But Amazon Australia’s sales are predicted to $4 billion by FY 2023.

So many brands are either asleep at the wheel, or in denial about what is coming down the pipeline.

Brands that ‘get it’, will enjoy a great ride as they get set up early and cement their position at the top of the Amazon search results.

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What is Your Strategy for Amazon Australia?
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As you review your ecommerce strategy, Amazon has to be part of the picture.

Brand owner’s have a unique opportunity to have Amazon be a friend, not a foe as the rise of Amazon can help their overall e-commerce sales rise.

This unique Amazon Australia Success Blueprint programme is focused on helping you get clear on what the best strategy will be for your brand and products.

You’ll gain perspective from Hamish Conway who has helped over 100 brands launch on Amazon, has his own Amazon 7 figure success, plus a team of experienced Account Managers and Amazon Sellers on the team.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Discover on the Online Training

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Module 1 - Strategy - What is Your Best Strategy for Amazon Australia?

  • Should you go Amazon Retail or Third Party? The Pro’s and Con’s of each option now and in the future.

  • How to view Amazon Australia so you can outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition.

  • How to protect your brand on Amazon so other sellers don’t ‘hijack’ your brand story.

  • How to control your price on Amazon - Amazon isn’t just about cheap

  • What to say to your Distributors who question you selling on Amazon.

  • The best shipping options for you - Fulfilled by Merchant, or Fulfilled by Amazon. There’s clear pro’s and con’s for both.

  • What Amazon Prime mean for you as a seller.

  • How to Leverage Your Existing Digital Assets to get an unfair advantage over your competition

  • What Amazon is Not - Get clear on how the platform operates so you can maximise your sales

  • Start local and go global - How Your Can Learn the ‘ropes’ and then go global with Amazon.

  • The unspoken story of how Amazon will massively disrupt the New Zealand ecommerce landscape.

Module 2 - Suitability of Your Products - Which Products will work best for Amazon Australia?

  • How to evaluate the competition to know how you can standout and exploit their weaknesses

  • Not all products are created equal for Amazon. Because of price points, size and weight you’ll have to work out which products are Amazon Suitable

  • Understand how the Money works on Amazon. The Amazon fees, your pricing and what margins will be sustainable.

  • 8 Proven Pricing Strategies for Amazon. Which one will be the best approach for your products?

  • You’ll get our unique Product Information and Margin Sheet to organise and establish which products will make sense and which products to leave off the platform.

  • On Amazon if you don’t standout, don’t bother being there. Discover 20 ways to standout from the competition.

  • How to tell where there is decent demand for your product category.

  • Understand what packaging compliance requirements you’ll need for Amazon Australia when you use Fulfilled by Amazon.

  • Will you even be able to sell your products on Amazon? It’s not a given and you’ll find out what to do to get approval to sell in certain restricted categories.

Module 3 - Set Up Seller Central & Get Approval to Sell
  • What to have ready before you set up on Amazon Australia

  • The Step by Step approach to getting set up and dealing with the often complicated verification process. If only it were as straight-forward as the pretty Amazon pictures.

  • Bank Accounts - For outside of Australia sellers the best bank account options for you to save on Forex fees and meet Amazon requirements.

  • Do you need to register for GST if you are outside Australia?

  • The 80/20 of the main accounting and tax questions answered.

  • Adding Products to Amazon - Avoid the key mistakes

  • Contacting Seller Support

Module 4 - Shipping

  • Packaging preparation checklist to avoid costly errors when products arrive

  • How many units to send initially.

  • How to prepare FBA inbound shipments

  • How to ensure you use an approved freight company

  • Sending Inventory from Overseas into Amazon - What you need in place to make this work.

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Modules 1 and 2 of this programme are where you will get the unique perspective and advice that established brands pay us thousands of dollars for every week.

No one else is talking about how to really play the Amazon Australia game.

Amazon has their own agenda, that in most cases will not benefit you. This is where you get the practical and pragmatic advice you’ve been looking for.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If by the time you get to the end of Module 2, you don’t think you’ve had at least 10 times the value paid in practical strategic advice, then we will refund your money, no questions.

Access Your Amazon Australia Success Blueprint  now and get your strategy for this massive opportunity coming to Australia and New Zealand now.

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