eMarketplace Account Management

Drive Traffic, Increase Conversions,
Be Profitable and Efficient in Your Operations

What if you are already selling online, but want to go to the next level?

Here’s the key outcomes of what you’ll get
from eMarkplace Account Management

Overall you’ll get, Clarity on why a specific eMarketplace, what is involved and what is possible for your brand and products.

Confidence that you have good data to make sensible decisions about the channel and you know what will be involved to make it work.

Your own eMarketplace shop open, with professional listings, optimised and ready to start selling.

4 Ways Sell Global Helps You Win on eMarketplaces.

eMarketplaces are mostly for consumer products, but in the USA
a lot of businesses use platforms like Amazon for their purchasing.

Strategy & Growth Planning

You’ll get a thoughtful and thorough strategy for your brand and products
on the platform.

Reporting & Metrics that Matter

You’ll get monthly reporting that is giving you the numbers that matter.

Expert Support & Training

You’ll learn to run an efficient and profitable operation, while keeping your eMarketplace account in good health.

Amazon Advertising Done for You Utilising ‘Best in Class’ AI Software

Sell Global partner with a leading AI software company to give you an unfair advantage in your category
with eMarketplace Advertising.

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