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Hamish Conway


Hamish Conway is a former Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year category winner.

He has worked closely with over 200 businesses to help them market and sell their products and services.

This unique perspective of seeing the true inside workings of so many businesses has honed his ability to spot growth opportunities.

From running his own 7 figure Amazon business in North America and UK and Europe, plus helping numerous brands on the same platform, he is perfectly set to help companies looking to successfully launch their products into the USA, Japan, UK, and Europe

Victoria Skik


Victoria has over 20 years of experience working with large FMCG and consumer healthcare businesses in Marketing, Innovation and Consumer Insights.

Victoria is passionate about the opportunity that eCommerce presents for businesses to unlock their next path to growth.

A stationary junkie, Victoria has also developed and launched her own brand of Office products in the US, UK & EU marketplaces.

Ray Ridgeway


Ray Ridgeway was previously on the Global Leadership Team at WorldFirst,
part of Ant Financial and Alibaba Group – most recently as the Managing
Director for Australia and New Zealand. Ray established Australia’s
eCommerce team at WorldFirst in 2013, one of the first alternate currency

transfer solutions for online marketplace sellers in the world. 

His experience in the retail space, logistics, currency markets, marketplace

and platform selling has helped assist online retailers access new
countries, new marketing channels, create certainty and grow their
business locally and globally.

Recognised as an expert in the eCommerce and Fintech space, with recent
panel and media coverage in the AFR, The Australian, Sunrise, Retail
Global and The Daily Telegraph.

Bruno Fanizzi


Bruno has worked in Product Development, Innovation, Supply Chain Planning, Logistics and Procurement for the Global Leader in Premium Alcoholic Beverages, working with some of the world’s most famous brands before becoming an Amazon E-commerce Entrepreneur in 2015.

He now helps Australian and NZ brands and manufacturers to create and grow a sales channel on Amazon in the US, UK, Europe and Japan.

Kirsten Bryce


Kirsten has been designing for over 20 years with top-level experience in print, digital and product design. Prior to joining the Sell Global team, she worked as Head of Design for world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes.

Designing for Amazon has now become Kirsten’s speciality and she enjoys the ever-changing challenges of creating imagery for the world’s most visually motivated marketplace.

As well as a passion for design she enjoys getting to know clients and their brands. Being able to communicate the story behind a product and taking that to the world is incredibly rewarding and Kirsten always strives to create design work that is a true representation of both the product and the people behind it.

Kylie Armstrong


Kylie has a background in Design and Product Development, working with leading brands to create consumer goods for major retailers for over 25 years.

Kylie has her own brand of Homewares and Textiles selling on Amazon internationally and is passionate about helping other brand owners grow their e-commerce businesses.

Suzie Mulvihill

Mount Maunganui

Suzie has extensive experience in a variety of settings and roles which have been based in Australia, NZ and tropical Bali.  She has specialised in customer care, sales support and business improvements and functionality. She is passionate about brainstorming sales strategies and is able to wear both a creative and analytical hat. 

After four years based in Bali working at a renowned luxury retreat, she finds herself based beachside again in beautiful Mount Maunganui. In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, practicing yoga, or pursuing her interests in improving wellness.



Regina is a curious learner who enjoys challenges and adventures. Amazon and E-commerce gives her both.

Regina has a background in linguistics and digital marketing, and has been an Amazon specialist for the last two and a half years years, and is learning more every day.

Regina believes when you love what you do, you will achieve the best results. She genuinely loves what she does and gives her all in every project she delivers.

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