The EMarketplace Team

Our team of eMarketplace experts are genuinely interested in your success

At Sell Global we manage over $1 million a month in sales on eMarketplace, plus we’ve helped over 300 New Zealand and Australian brands on these channels in the last 6 years. This gives us a unique perspective as to what works and what doesn’t.

Hamish Conway


Hamish Conway is a former Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year category winner.

He has worked closely with over 300 businesses to help them market and sell their products and services.

This unique perspective of seeing the true inside workings of so many businesses has honed his ability to spot growth opportunities.

From running his own 7 figure Amazon business in North America and UK and Europe, plus helping numerous brands on the same platform, he is perfectly set to help companies looking to successfully launch their products into the USA, Japan, UK, and Europe

Kylie Armstrong


Kylie has successfully been bringing products to market for over 25 years. 

Coming from a background in Design and Product Development, she has worked inside several well known companies and brands to develop and sell products in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK and the USA, through retailers and ecommerce platforms such as Myer, David Jones, Spotlight, Briscoes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Catch and eBay. 

With extensive knowledge of the entire product lifecycle from concept through to launch and range expansion, Kylie thoroughly understands the needs of product based businesses and what it takes for them to become successful. Turning her attention to launching her own brand of products on Amazon in 2018, Kylie now also heads up Operations at Sell Global, sharing her lifetime of skills and knowledge with the team and clients.

Kirsten Bryce


Kirsten is a Senior Graphic Designer with top-level experience in digital, print and product design. Prior to joining the Sell Global team, she worked as Head of Design for world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes.

As the Sell Global Creative Director Kirsten specialises in designing for eMarketplaces to create engaging content that drives conversion. Getting to know the clients and their products is an important part of the creative process and Kirsten always strives to create inspired visual media that is a true representation of both the products and the people behind them.

Mark Elliott


Mark is well versed in the world of eMarketplaces. After having spent 25 years working in Sales, Marketing and Business Coaching within large organisations in the technology sector, he started selling his own Private Label physical products on Amazon over 5 years ago.

He has been working with Sell Global for close to 4 years, and has provided mentorship, coaching and logistics advice, in conjunction with Account Management, for many of our clients across a wide range of market sectors. 

Aside from being approachable and passionate about working with customers to reach all the potential that exists in on-line marketplaces, Mark is a proud dad of 4 grown kids, a keen traveller, and an expert in turning out pizzas from his backyard wood fired oven.

Justin Cataldo


Justin holds a Bachelor of Information Technology and has extensive experience in Windows and Linux System Administration and Business Analytics in the finance industry.

His core skills include Server Administration, Web Design and Project Management. Running his own Private Label Amazon business since 2017 resulted in further study of SEO and Digital Marketing with particular focus on Amazon PPC.

He enjoys the challenge of growing sales through data analytics and lateral thinking, and enjoys identifying sales trends and problem solving.

Richard Wells


Richard comes from a background of over 20 years in business development and marketing in the IT industry. He has worked for a variety of companies in Japan, the US and New Zealand, with a focus on developing and managing sales channels, acquiring strategic customers and sales and marketing planning.

Returning to NZ in 2014, he ventured into the world of e-commerce and Amazon, and has worked with a number of private label sellers to expand their businesses into the US and Japan.

Richard’s international business journey has made him a strong believer in the ability of today’s technology to open international business opportunities, and he enjoys working with companies to develop their journey.

Neil Mackenzie


Neil has run his own successful photography business for over 30 years. He is an early adopter, creative problem solver, and consistently delivers great results to his clients in a timely manner.

Neil has also been running his own successful Amazon FBA business since 2015 and is an expert when it comes to ecommerce and Amazon.  He is a high achiever and thrives when the opportunity arises to assist businesses in taking them to the next level.

Krestine Bona


Krestine is our talented Amazon Virtual Assistant based in the Philippines. She is well versed in all types of work within Seller Central Accounts.

Krestine has specialised as an Amazon Quality Analyst for years, and is considered an Amazon guru. Her strength is Keyword Research, she is also very knowledgeable about Amazon software tools, particularly Helium 10. Krestine also enjoys brainstorming and creating product launch strategies.

Viktoriya Skoryk


Viktoriya’s area of expertise is in consultancy and strategic business development. Over the last 15 years she has worked with and within global businesses in the energy sector, managing key accounts; was a co-founder of an international business George Robotics Ltd (MicroPython); in 2019 started selling her own Private Label products on Amazon US, Australia and Singapore; coached other Amazon sellers to set up and grow their brands.

Viktoriya has a deep understanding of challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to selling on Amazon. She also has a photography and videography background and passion for helping others succeed.

Viktoriya is originally from Ukraine, lived and worked for an extended period in Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, India and Singapore before settling down in Australia with her husband and 2 boys.

Christine Berry

Northern NSW 

Christine has spent the past 15 years building and launching several small businesses, including her first Private Label Amazon brand. Last year she sold the Amazon brand and is currently in the process of building another.

She has a strong background in coaching, having studied as a Master Practitioner of Coaching and has coached hundreds of hours with other private label sellers, assisting them to start, grow, scale, and exit their own brands.

She is both creative and analytical and loves to brainstorm what will make the greatest difference for a brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Annika Jeppson


Annika is a designer, ecommerce seller and private label coach.  Annika has coached hundreds of sellers, providing tailored solutions to new and established brands helping them find long term success online.  Having launched her first products in 2017 Annika has gone on to build two global brands of her own and a range of products displayed over multiple categories on Amazon.

She has a thorough understanding of the challenges that can come with a product-based business. Her experience is not only covering online sales and marketing but the full product lifecycle from market research/establishing demand to R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and international IP protection.