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The Definitive Guide to eMarketplaces
for Consumer Brands
     Amplify Your Brand, Expand Your reach & Accelerate
Your Growth on eMarketplaces Worldwide

With 62% of consumers buying from eMarketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Tmall, understanding how you can maximise the opportunity for your brand is critical. Smart brands know they need an online omnichannel approach to drive brand awareness and sales. 

Even if you sell
on a specific eMarketplace now, you’ll discover the value of being on more than one eMarketplace to expand your brand online. 

Here's what you'll discover from this guide;
How big the step change in online and eMarketplace sales has been since the start of COVID.
The simple key to getting more customers online with eMarketplaces.
How big are eMarketplaces and why is it Important to be there.
How consumers buy online, and how eMarketplaces fit into the buyer journey.
11 Reasons why selling on eMarketplaces makes sense for established consumer brands - some of the reasons will surprise you. 
Which marketplaces and countries are right for your brand and products.
Why Australian eMarketplaces can be a great place to start. 
Frequently Asked Questions about selling on eMarketplaces.
Mistakes brands make when launching on eMarketplaces.
The Definitive Guide to eMarketplaces for Consumer Brands