Grabbing Attention and Converting Sales with World Class Images on Amazon

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Which image do you think sells more?

It’s not super obvious at the outset is it?
We can all spot a crappy image, but often on Amazon it’s the subtle things that are harder to spot.
Images are such a critical component of being successful when selling on Amazon. 

Our Design Team are experts and have thousands of hours of experience to determine
  • Mistakes sellers make with their image stacks. Not the obvious mistakes – we can all spot a crappy image, but the subtle things that are less obvious which sabotage sales
  • The 3 places you can have images for your brand and how to utilise each one the best way
  • Why images are so important for how people shop on Amazon – especially when they are on Mobile devices
  • How to have your ‘Hero’ Image stand out from the crowd so customers click on your listing
  • The best way to think about the order of your Image Stack – You get 9 Images use them wisely. What are the questions or concerns you need to answer for your prospective buyer?
  • What text you should have on your images and how big should it be,

Get in touch with us today so we can show you the facts and stats that supports the notion that your Amazon Images are the key differentiator to drive success on your Amazon marketplace. 

How do the numbers work on Amazon?

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