When is the best time to start my Amazon Australia channel?

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Quick answer is NOW! But lets dive a little deeper into why that is the answer. 

There is no doubt or argument to counter the fact that eCommerce has and is continuing to grow. eCommerce in Australia, alone, is expected to increase by $1.3 billion. Based on that fact alone, Amazon, in our opinion, is the horse to back if you want a share of the eCommerce wallet.  

Amazon, we believe that not only should eCommerce be a key strategy for your business, it becomes the backbone to support your other channel; activity. Its an enabler and not cannibalistic on your already well established bricks and mortar channel model. 

Amazon Australia just can’t be ignored. And it’s a huge opportunity to get in early to grow and protect your brand. You want your brand to be on Amazon in a way that represents your business, your product and your integrity. To pay back in spade loads the hundreds of hours you have invested.

Amazon absolutely dominates In the western world – certainly in the USA, and the UK, Germany and it’s going to be the same dominance and growth model in Australia. Amazon will continue to invest to win, and you need to be part of that. So while it is slow now, the exponential growth in Amazon Australia is coming, and it’s going to be a big deal in Australia and even for New Zealand, where there’s less marketplace options for people buying online. 

The other reason to act now is to protect your brand. We are already noticing companies are getting beaten to the finish line by their competitors already placing products on Amazon. So even if it’s not going to be a big money making activity for a year or two, you want to get on Amazon Australia now to protect your brand –  and in doing so – benefit from being an early adopter, getting the search and buys, getting the reviews, and of course the actual volume of sales. 

Remember Amazon rewards longevity on the platform, so you want to be on the platform now, so that that pays off in two years time and your competitors just won’t catch you.

So that’s really why you want to consider Amazon Australia right now. So if you want to find out more about how this will work, then reach out and connect with Sell Global.

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