Do’s and Don’t of Amazon Images

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Next to your product title, your product images are what’s going to sell your customer or turn them away. And they’re also what could get you in real trouble with Amazon if you don’t put up the correctly formatted images.

DON’T: Include any promotional info 

With your product images (much like with product titles), you cannot include any promotional info in the images. That means no words like “Sale!” or “50% off!” or any links to your site. If you haven’t caught on with this yet, Amazon doesn’t like anything that smells like a promotion. Keep away from anything like that and everything will be dandy in the eyes of Amazon!

DO: Use a white background for shooting 

You should make sure to only use a white background when shooting images of your background or editing them on your computer. This is part of Amazon’s guidelines and actually will be pretty beneficial when you’re trying to sell your product. More users are going to be drawn to your product when they’re not confused with anything else in the background. Common sense, right?

DON’T: Be fancy with your images 

Never go too fancy with your image. Keep it straight and to the point with your image on a white background. Amazon doesn’t fancy anything like watermarks, image borders, or image effects on product pictures.

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