6 reasons why excellent images are one of the most important components of your success on Amazon

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Reason #1: To Grab Attention When people search for a product they are served up with 16-32 different products on the first page of search. If you are on that page (organically or in an Amazon sponsored ad), your ‘Hero’ image needs to grab the prospects attention, make them curious and interested to click through to your listing. Does your image catch the eye? Is it different to the competition? It has to stand out.

Reason #2: Mobile Search Over 50% of consumers searching on Amazon do so on a mobile or tablet. If you haven’t already, download the Amazon App onto your phone. You’ll notice when you do a search how the ‘Hero Image’ is 40% of the real estate in search. Then in the listing, the images are before any text. In fact the bullets and product description come up after the add to cart button and the competing offers. If you’re images don’t sell the prospect, then it may be too late.

Reason #3: Clearly Show the Specifics of the Product Having text, or other graphic highlights is a great way to communicate product features and benefits, especially if some are not clearly obvious from a picture. Ideally a prospect will know everything they need to make a good decision to buy from you, just from looking at your images and seeing the price. That’s your challenge.

Reason #4: Demonstrate Premium Positioning and Uniqueness – If you have a premium product and you are charging a premium price, your images have to convey….Premium! High Quality images and thoughtful messaging are your main tool for having people pay the premium price. You can visually tell the story of your brand and product and why your product is unique and worthy of the premium price.

Reason #5: Handle Objections or Concerns in Advance Every prospect has a series of questions or concerns in their head as they are making a buying decision. You need to pre-empt these (through past customer feedback, or your knowledge of the product) and then in one or two of your images address the concern so you remove any resistance to buying. This takes thought. Done well, it’s a big advantage.

Reason #6: Build Confidence in the Buyer to click ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ All of this is about building confidence in the prospect around your product solving their problem, or giving them the desired outcome. All this happens subconsciously at speed, so visually provide the symbols of authority, quality and simplicity to help them make a fast decision to buy

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