Facebook urged to shut groups seeking fake Amazon reviews

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Facebook is failing to shut down groups on its site where fake Amazon reviews are sold. 

Facebook was urged in June by the Competition and Markets Authority to probe the sale of fake reviews via these groups. Facebook said it had removed almost all the groups reported to it and was still investigating the issue.

There is evidence that during a 30-day period, recruiters added more than 55,000 posts to the groups that offered free products to people who wrote highly-rated reviews on Amazon.

Facebook has been told it must take effective steps to deal with this problem by quickly removing the material and stop it from resurfacing. A spokesman for Facebook said: “We don’t allow people to use Facebook to facilitate or encourage false reviews.”

It said it had removed nine of the 10 groups reported and was investigating the remaining one. The social network added that it was improving the tools and technologies it used to find the groups.

( This article is an abridged version of that posted on bbc.com )

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