Do’s and Don’t of Account SetUp

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Your seller account is basically your main operations hub. This is where you can see your pending orders, the orders that have been shipped out to customers, the revenue coming in, etc. It’s your mission command.

DO: Only have one seller account

 The first one is simple. Ensure that you only register for one seller’s account. If you’re the guy or gal selling the merchandise, you can only have one account. No more, no less.

DON’T: Add links to your website

 The next big no-no is adding a link back to your company’s website in either your account information or product listing. This is against Amazon’s guidelines as they are already granting you access to an incredibly large consumer base to get customers from.

DO: Pick the right seller type 

 There are different Seller types you can choose for your online store. Be sure to pick the right one that’s best for your needs.

DO: Learn Amazon’s guidelines and rules 

 Lastly, familiarize yourself with Amazon’s guidelines and how the marketplace actually works. You may think you know how it works from just buying on the marketplace. However, the guidelines for making a seller’s account and selling products are completely different.

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